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Exception in thread main on. JsonSyntaxException:.eofexception: End of input at line 4 column 40 at omJson(Gson. Java:813) at omJson(Gson. Java:768) at omJson(Gson. Java:717) at omJson(Gson. Java:689) at in(Main. Java:41) Caused by:.eofexception: End of input at line 4 column 40 at xtNonWhitespace(JsonReader. Java:1377) at Peek(JsonReader. Java:471) at ream. JsonReader.hasNext(JsonReader. Java:403) at ad(BookTypeAdapter. Java:33) at ad(BookTypeAdapter. Java:1) at omJson(Gson. Java:803). 4 more Consider the following Book instance. Final Book book new Book tAuthors(new String Joshua Bloch Neal Gafter tTitle Java Puzzlers: Traps, Pitfalls, and Corner Cases tIsbn When serialised with the above BookTypeAdapter we will produce the following json. isbn title Java.

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Java objects can be serialised to json strings and deserialised back using JsonSerializer (Article and Java Doc) and the JsonDeserializer (Article and Java Doc) respectively. These two classes simplify the translation between these two realms but add an extra layer which can be avoided. Instead of the JsonSerializer or JsonDeserializer we can use an instance.TypeAdapter; import ream. JsonReader; import ream. JsonWriter; public class BookTypeAdapter extends TypeAdapter @Override public Book read(final JsonReader in) throws IOException final Book book new Book ginObject while (in. HasNext switch (xtName case isbn xtString break; case title xtString break; case authors xtString.split break; in. EndObject return book; @Override public void write(final JsonWriter out, final Book.

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